Your 2021 Medical Connectors Guide

With the arrival of 2021, medical facilities around the U.S. must carefully prepare by investing in the equipment and supplies necessary for providing comprehensive patient care. Crucial, yet often underappreciated, medical connectors play a vital role for patient treatment in various healthcare establishments. They create connections between medical devices to allow for proper equipment operation throughout every phase of care, from initial imaging and diagnosis to patient monitoring, treatment, and recovery.

As you navigate 2021, consider Amphenol Alden’s medical connectors guide. Reach out to our experts to ensure you have the proper equipment for the upcoming year.

Medical Connector Options From Amphenol Alden

Various medical connectors and cable assemblies are utilized with a wide range of devices in virtually every type of healthcare facility. Employing the latest innovations in design and manufacturing techniques, Amphenol Alden offers the following options:

Reusable Medical Connectors

When a situation requires a medical connector that can be sterilized repeatedly over extended periods of time, reusable medical connectors are an ideal option. They are more durable than typical plastic connectors and are especially useful in fast-paced environments that require a  change to the arrangement of medical cables several times throughout the day.

For these connectors to be reused safely, they must withstand high temperatures in autoclave sterilization systems. Amphenol Alden provides configurations constructed from the highest quality materials, including high-performance plastics and medical-grade stainless steel.

Disposable Medical Connectors

If a device cannot withstand autoclave sterilization or must be disposed of after one use, it is necessary to employ plastic medical connectors. These disposable medical connectors are cost effective by delivering both quality and affordability in a material that can be thrown away after one or a few uses. This means that healthcare facilities may need to use many parts every month to meet their patient care demands.

Pulse-Lok® Medical Cable Connectors

This type of medical connector is lightweight, ergonomic, and creates secure connections. Pulse-Lok® connectors feature gold-plated contacts with crimp/solder terminations, providing reliable connections for an extensive range of devices. High-density circuits enable more robust data transmission inside a smaller space, and improved sealing techniques mean these products are resilient enough to withstand an array of sterilization procedures. Numerous options for keying and color-coding help reduce the risk of improper connections, enhancing patient safety.

In contrast to conventional push-pull connectors, Pulse-Lok® connectors use an auto-coupling latch mechanism that prevents disengagement resulting from an unintended pull on the connected cable. When the connector is engaged, it provides tactile, visual, and audible confirmation of a secure connection. During disengagement, the Pulse-Lok® latching technology assists by forcing the connectors apart.

pulseOne Cable Assemblies

If your equipment needs push-pull interconnects, Amphenol Alden offers a pulseOne cable assembly consisting of a molded plastic plug or receptacle that protects against incorrect mating due to its “D” shape. Made from cost-effective yet durable materials, it can withstand ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization and 5,000 mating cycles, making it a resilient option that can last the lifespan of your device.

Medi | Mate Connectors

The Medi | Mate connector is an industry-compatible solution that can be implemented into your existing system or customized to fit your needs. Impact-resistant housings and recessed contacts allow a high frequency of repeated connections without sacrificing security or patient safety. Using a familiar push-pull mating style and offering multiple keying and color options, Medi | Mate connectors are an excellent choice for a simple and easily distinguishable connector system.

Custom Medical Connectors

If an off-the-shelf connector does not meet your needs, we can utilize our extensive manufacturing knowledge to create custom medical interconnects for your project. We consider the best design, materials, and ergonomics to ensure your performance requirements are met according to the rigorous demands of a medical environment.

Let Amphenol Alden Help You Navigate 2021

For all medical applications, the team of experienced engineers at Amphenol Alden is skilled in the nuanced demands of medical device interconnects. Our in-house research and development labs include a wide variety of equipment that can perform all the testing required for validation and verification. With over 80 years of experience providing safe, reliable, and top-quality products for the medical community, our connector experts work with you to determine your performance requirements and identify the best connectors and cable assemblies for your project.

Contact us today to discuss how medical connectors from Amphenol Alden can serve your healthcare facility’s needs for the upcoming year.