Custom Capabilities for Your Medical Devices

When it comes to your next medical system, you may find yourself in need of a connector or cable assembly to link different devices. Amphenol Alden has extensive standard product offerings, but sometimes you need a custom product for your device. When a standard product just won’t cut it, engage with Amphenol Alden to meet your custom interconnect needs.

Custom Interconnects

There are tons of standard connector products in the market, but in some cases they just won’t meet all your specifications. There are lots of reasons you may need to look at custom interconnects, such as:

-Disposable applications, where you need low cost products at a high volume

-Size constraints, where a custom shape or size is necessary for the user to maneuver the connector

-Complex applications, where you are including optical fiber, hydraulics, or something similar

-Special and extreme requirements, such as a hot swappable connector or many sterilization cycles

Our experienced engineers have the expertise to design connectors to satisfy these requirements, and we choose our components and suppliers carefully to ensure high quality at great value. Amphenol Alden has decades of experience developing custom interconnects to meet the above constraints as well as many more, and our success has our customers coming back time and time again for their most demanding interconnect needs. Modified Standard Products

In some cases, one of our standard products may come close to meeting your requirements, but it may need some customization before it fits the bill entirely. For example, a Pulse-Lok connector may be attractive due to its auto-latching feature, ergonomic mating, and durability, but your application demands a few high diameter power pins alongside multiple signal circuits. Termed a “Modified Standard Product,” these situations typically feature a lower capital investment and reduced timeline since the starting point is one of our fully developed standard products. If one of our standard product offerings comes close but doesn’t quite meet your application’s needs, a Modified Standard Product may be right for you! To get started, browse our Standard Product Offerings, or contact an Amphenol Alden representative today!

Custom Product Process

When you come to Amphenol Alden with a custom interconnect need, we immediately start to map out your project. Our engineers act as an extension of your design team, and they will engage with you to define all the relevant inputs and specifications for your project. Collaborative engineering is at the core of Amphenol Alden, and we continually make strides to ensure that our expertly crafted designs will meet your specifications.

We are also fully equipped with everything needed to bring our designs to production, including:

-Prototyping capabilities: Whether you need a few quick-turn “touchy-feely” prototypes to see the design in real life, or high-performance SLAs to try out in your system, Amphenol Alden can deliver.

-Extensive test lab: Between basic electrical tests, durability tests on mating cycles or cable bending, or sterilization tests using our in-house Autoclave machine, we have all the equipment necessary to guarantee your product meets the print every time.

-Agile NPI Process: Whether you have tight deadlines in bringing your product to market, or you’re in the early stages with frequently changing parameters, our team of engineers is capable of adapting quickly to whatever your unique situation demands.

As the premier medical division of one of the world’s largest interconnect companies, Amphenol Alden has proven for decades that we are ready and capable of developing some of the medical industries’ most demanding interconnect products.

Custom Capabilities FAQ

Q: What are custom cable assemblies?

A: A custom cable assembly is a cabled connector that is custom-built to your exact specifications. Differing from a standard product, a custom cable assembly may have a unique shape or size, or it may have special materials or components to give it the desired specifications.

Q: What are your custom interconnect options?

A: Our custom interconnect options are extensive and constantly expanding. Whether you need many circuits in a small package, a highly reusable and durable product, or something cutting-edge and high performance, Amphenol Alden can create a custom product that meets your needs.

Q: What are custom medical connectors used for?

A: Custom medical connectors have a wide variety of applications. Generally, they are used to transfer power or signals between medical devices and peripherals. Examples of applications include surgery, defibrillation, and advanced imaging.

No matter your desired application or product specifications, the experts at Amphenol Alden can help. Our wide range of custom solutions and medical connectors are the ones you can depend on. We help our partners save lives by using innovative technology and designs that were built on a foundation of expertise.

To learn more about our custom products and solutions contact us today!