Medical Cable Assembly Manufacturing in the U.S.

In the medical field, technology advances at a rapid pace. It is because of these advancements and innovations that millions of patients can be helped across the country. Today, we have all sorts of medical equipment and devices, specially designed to help patients with different types of medical issues and procedures. One such device is the medical cable. These cables must be made safely and reliably, adhering to extremely strict regulations and safety standards.

What Are Medical Cables Used For?

Medical cables are often part of a larger device or system, used for patient care and monitoring. These cables are essential components for:

  • Defibrillators.
  • X-ray, MRI machines, and other medical imaging.
  • Electrosurgery procedures.
  • Pulse oximeters.
  • Ultrasound probes.
  • Telemetry.
  • Medical diagnostics.
  • Other patient monitoring equipment.

With so many different applications, we ensure that each variant meets industry standards. The manufacturing process is crucial to making sure they are made to industry standards and regulations.

What Medical Device Cable Assemblies Do We Provide?

With a rapidly changing industry, new uses and demands for medical cables are consistently being found. Medical cable manufacturers work with the innovators to create the cables needed for all sorts of medical equipment and devices. Amphenol Alden understands the importance of innovation; we work with you to create the medical device cable assemblies and connectors that your product needs.

Our expert team at Amphenol Alden provides unparalleled service throughout the design and manufacturing process. We proudly provide:

  • Unmatched knowledge of materials. Our experience means that we know the best types of materials for your product and budget.
  • Extensive industry experience. The engineers at Amphenol Alden have the expertise necessary to understand the application of your device and the corresponding medical cable requirements.
  • In-house testing. We feature in-house testing facilities to provide you with all the testing equipment necessary to validate your product and ensure that it is safe and effective.
  • Cable bundle customization. Amphenol Alden can provide custom cable bundles to best suit the needs of your product.
  • Medical interconnect solutions. Our team works tirelessly to provide the service and quality that is demanded in the medical market. Our standard products are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of medical applications, but we can design custom solutions for the exacting needs of our customers.

Some medical devices and cable assemblies also require a higher voltage. This includes defibrillators, cosmetic surgery devices, laser therapies, advanced imaging devices, and more. If your medical devices require high voltage connectors, Amphenol Alden has the product offerings to accommodate your specifications.

Amphenol Alden Is Your Trusted Medical Cable Assembly Manufacturer

The individuals at Amphenol Alden have the experience to help you design and manufacture your custom medical devices. We have production facilities located in the U.S., Mexico, and China, ensuring your supply chain remains uninterrupted and you receive your products on time. All our facilities offer world-class technology, tools, and equipment, and adhere to the most stringent quality controls and sanitation measures. We are a medical cable assembly manufacturer you can trust.

Amphenol Alden brings decades of medical manufacturing background to the table, helping you every step of the way to bring your product design to reality. Our world-class laboratories and manufacturing equipment, as well as our expert engineers and knowledgeable staff, make certain your product meets your standards. Contact us today to get started and we will help you improve patient care through technological innovation.