Our Culture

We are not doctors - but we help save lives

At Amphenol Alden we play a part in providing excellent care to patients all over the world.

We know that every device we support provides care to someone’s family member and this is a responsibility we take seriously. Family is core to who we are at Amphenol Alden. Over 80 years ago we started as a family business and we continue to maintain an atmosphere that is dynamic and entrepreneurial. Now, as part of a global corporation, we remain committed to the culture that got us here, including:

  • A strong focus on relationships: Viewed as one of our primary differentiators, we build strong internal and external relationships through open and honest communication at all roles and levels of our organization
  • Open access to the Leadership Team: For our team members, access means faster professional development and growth via daily involvement with our management team
  • Accountability: We believe in fixing the problemnot assigning blame
  • Cross-functional visibility: Understanding how their actions affect the broader organization, team members gain better insight into the up- and down-stream impacts of their decisions, helping them to identify the solution that will best support our customers and their patients
  • A sense of community: From celebrating work anniversaries, birthdays and the holidays to sponsoring friendly cooking competitions to hosting cookouts, our activities committee helps create an office environment that you look forward to enjoying every day 
  • Opportunity: As part of Amphenol Corporation, career paths aren’t limited to the hierarchy of our local sites; when needs arise at any of our sister companies we look internally to our top performers for opportunities for advancement