Fine Wire Termination Capability

Providing more signals for improved performance

Amphenol Alden Products' expertise in mass termination of fine AWG wires to fine pitch connectors enables our OEM partners to achieve higher circuit counts in smaller interconnects.  Our competency pairs perfectly with the device needs of many medical applications, including electrophysiology, ultrasound, diagnostic, and augmented & enhanced reality devices. 

Capability Highlights Include:

  • Microcoax or shielded twisted pair conductors from 36-46 AWG
  • Laser wire prep - CO2 laser (wire) and YAG laser (shields)
  • Semi-automated soldering for conductors
  • 100% inspection - magnified visual and computerized electrical circuit scan

When your product requires fine AWG solutions, the experts at Amphenol Alden Products are ready to assist and provide turnkey cable assemblies for you. Contact us to see how we can collaborate and leverage our expertise to create your ideal interconnect cable solution.


How small is 46 AWG wire?

46 AWG = 0.001568" (0.03983 mm) diameter conductor

Can AAP assist with cable design for my application?

Yes, we can work with your team to develop a cable customized to fit your exact application requirements. Please contact us to discuss with one of our Product Specialists.

Are there standard connectors available designed for fine gauge wire?

Yes, please see our Medi|Stac® product line webpage.