Medi|Slice Low-cost Interconnects for Limited-use Applications

Introducing Medi|Slice ®, the low cost edge card connector designed specifically to meet the needs of the medical device market. Medi|Slice® provides the perfect pull-band latching technology for disposable medical applications in a simple plug-and-play package.

AMS15-36 Product Highlights Include:

  • Edge Card Connector System: By integrating edge card technology into the Medi|Slice® connector, limited use applications can be designed with internal failsafes to prevent usage outside of intended lifespan.
  • Pull-band Latching: Pull-band latch connection system provides assurance that the connector is mated properly via an audible click. Mating force is accessible at 8.5 lbs. with a corresponding unmating force of 4 lbs. The latch system provides protection against accidental unmating up to 20 lbs.
  • Up to 36 Contacts: High count contact layout using edge card contact system in a small 1.8” x 1.5” package.
  • Touch Proof Contacts: Protects against accidental touch to contacts when unmated.
  • Multiple Keying Options: Failsafe to prevent undesired mate for multiple connector applications.
  • Electrical Characteristics: Medi|Slice® is rated at 1A per contact (continuous) and a working voltage of 225vAC.
  • Available Product Configurations: Plug- cable mount only; Receptacle- cable mount or panel mount (front or rear).

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Is the medislice AMS15 available in fully terminated cable assemblies?

Yes. We can collaborate with your team to develop the perfect cable assembly for your application.

What wire gauge range can be terminated to the Medi|Slice®?

46-28 awg can be accomodated, with mixed wire sizes possible.

Is the Medi|Slice® AMS15 customizable?

Yes. We can work with your team to develop an AMS15 customized to fit your exact application requirements. Please contact us through the form below to discuss with one of our Product Specialists.

Are Amphenol Alden’s Medi|Slice® AMS15 products available in distribution?

No, they are not available in distribution. All requests are built to order. Call us for sample availability.