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Medical Interconnect Manufacturing

Our extraordinary teams use the best technology, tools, and equipment available to produce world class  medical cable assemblies  and connectors every day.

APP Medical Device ManufacturingWe have strategically placed production facilities in the US, Mexico and China to ensure a short supply-chain and prompt delivery of product. Each facility offers the flexibility to build assemblies that range from simple to complex in volumes from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of pieces or more. Rest easy knowing that, in a world of uncertainty where unforeseen events can happen, we have robust contingency and risk-mitigation plans in place.  All of our manufacturing facilities carry ISO13485 certification and carry FDA-registration at our facilities in Mexico and China.

Here are just some of the ways in which our medical interconnect manufacturing expertise brings value to your project:

  • Local Expertise: All of our production facilities are staffed with experienced Manufacturing, Quality, and Operations Engineering teams who enable rapid implementation of new products and support volume production throughout the product lifecycle
  • Medical Interconnect Assembly: With decades of experience in building  medical interconnect solutions, our committed manufacturing teams are knowledgeable, attentive to detail, and participate in continuous improvement activities aimed at improving our products and processes
  • Mixed volume and value manufacturing: Whether you need hundreds of thousands of single use devices or a reusable, low volume custom solution, Amphenol Alden has the manufacturing facilities and expertise to achieve your targets
  • Advanced Fabrication Capabilities: Automated flux and solder dispensing and mass-termination equipment reduce the labor and defect rates commonly associated with terminating  high-density connector systems
  • Fine-Gauge Wire Termination: Whether you are trying to reduce the size of your  medical cable assembly  or package more conductors into an existing envelope, our capabilities and familiarity with fine-gauge wires as small as 44AWG ensure reliable, robust terminations and products
  • Vapor-phase re-flow soldering: Expand interconnect assembly options by soldering inaccessible solder joints on PCBA stacks at a lower temperature than can be achieved with traditional convection reflow ovens
  • Liquid Silicone Molding: Leveraging decades of experience with silicone over-molding and bonding of silicone parts, we help you get the most performance out of silicone cable assemblies, whether you need high flexibility or high resilience to sterilization reprocessing
  • Fabrication of High-Voltage Cable Assemblies: From 1kV to 100kV, Amphenol Alden has a broad range of standard  cable assemblies  and connectors for your high voltage applications

Contact us  to see how our manufacturing and assembly capabilities can make your ideal  interconnect solution  a reality.

Medical Manufacturing FAQs

What are medical connectors?

Medical connectors are crucial for ensuring appropriate device functionality and maintaining efficient treatment centers. There are a number of medical connector types: Disposable medical connectors, Medical cable connectors, Disposable auto-latching medical connectors, plastic receptacle medical cable connectors, and plastic plugs.

What is a medical cable assembly?

Medical cable assemblies are custom made and tested to transmit power and data to healthcare devices.

What is the difference between metal and plastic medical connectors?

Plastic medical connectors are sanitary and ideal for disposable limited-use while metal connectors provide more durability.