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Variety of Medical ConnectorsFrom simple to complex, from low to high quantities, from a loose set of 'wants' to a verified design ready for production, Amphenol Alden Products is your preferred partner for interconnect solutions.

Leveraging our expertise in product design, medical interconnect manufacturing, and superior quality we’ve developed a broad array of services and products, both proprietary and more traditional 'industry-standard' lines, that are ideal for many applications. When standard products simply won't do, we create semi- or fully-customized interconnect solutions developed specifically to address the unique needs of our partners.

Markets & Applications: Diagnosing, treating and monitoring the patient's health

Pulse-Lok® Medical Circular Connectors: Fulfilling your need for ergonomic, light-weight and secure connectors

pulseOne Cable Assemblies: Your best choice for an off-the-shelf medical cable assembly solution

Medi | Mate Connectors: Bringing Amphenol’s quality and service to traditional push-pull connectors

Medi | Stac®️ Connectors: Putting even more signals in the palm of your hand

High Voltage Connectors: Bringing higher potential to your system

Custom Cable Assemblies & Interconnects: From cable assembly to connector, we know custom solutions

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Medical interconnect services and medical connectors are extremely important in the medical field because they help keep life-saving machines functioning correctly. Medical interconnect solutions are a crucial element for all medical devices and equipment to run properly and transfer power, data, or specific media from one piece of equipment to another. When it comes to the medical field, superior quality should be a top priority for patient safety. At Amphenol Alden, our trained professionals and engineers understand the needs and demands of the industry.

Our connectors are created in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using high-quality, lab-tested products and materials. We provide dependable, innovative, and flexible medical interconnect solutions that comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and ISO13485 regulations. Our product offerings include medical connectors, medical cable assemblies, and other essential devices ready to suit the needs of any hospital, doctor’s office, medical care center, or surgery facility.

Amphenol Alden understands that the medical industry is advancing rapidly and that the technology and equipment used now is complex. For this reason, we provide custom medical interconnect products that are built entirely to your specifications. Our custom medical connectors are carefully designed to fit the technical requirements you need, including voltage output, cable size, and biocompatibility, as well as considerations for the end user and patient. There are many reasons why you may need a custom or semi-custom connector or cable assembly for your medical machines and equipment, such as particular or extreme performance requirements, size constraints, or intricate applications. The engineers at Amphenol Alden have extensive experience designing all types of custom medical interconnectors. They always deliver specifically designed devices that are cutting-edge, high-performance, durable, and fit to your exact needs.

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