Pulse-Lok® Medical Connectors

Fulfilling your need for ergonomic, light-weight and secure connectors

Lighter and more cost-effective than traditional circular metal connectors, the Pulse-Lok® series of products offer field-proven interconnect solutions for your system’s needs.  

Utilizing our intuitive auto-coupling latch mechanism, Pulse-Lok® assures the user of a secure connection with visual, audible, and tactile confirmation of engagement. Unlike traditional push-pull connectors, whose latch mechanism may increase the mating and un-mating forces of the connector, our coupler contributes almost no additional force to the mating process. Once engaged, our retention features assure you of a safe, secure connection that protects against disengagement due to unintended pull on the cable. During disengagement, our unique design actually assists in un-mating the product by driving the connectors apart when actuated.

Product Highlights Include:

  • From one (1) to 128 positions: Whether you need to transmit many channels of data or a single line of power, Pulse-Lok® has you covered 
  • Many off-the-shelf varieties available: Five shell sizes with multiple housing materials, including cast-metal and metal-plated plastic, allow you to custom configure the right solution for your need
  • Accommodation for multiple contact types: Pulse-Lok® optimizes the design of your interconnect solution by accommodating traditional pin-and-socket, compression, fiber-optic contact technologies, and hyperboloid contact
  • High-Density Circuits: Offering a tighter pitch than many industry-standard connectors, Pulse-Lok enables packaging of more data transmission lines into a smaller space
  • Multiple keying and color options: Help reduce the risk of mis-mating and improve patient safety by utilizing our standard keying and color-coded connector options 
  • Improved sealing and resilience in reprocessing: Pulse-Lok® products are robust enough to endure a variety of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization reprocessing

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Pulse-Lok®️ Medical Connector FAQ

How does the Pulse-Lok®️ connector work?

Pulse-Lok®️ Medical Connectors use an auto-latching mating style to ensure a secure connection to the devices and cables they are used with.

What products can these medical connectors be used on?

Some common applications are: Cosmetic Surgery, Defibrillation, Electrophysiology, Electrosurgical Devices, Imaging, Minimally Invasive Surgery, and Patient Monitoring.

Are Pulse-Lok®️ medical connectors reliable?

Pulse-Lok®️ Medical connectors are field-tested and proven to be a secure connection.