Auto-Latching Medical Connectors

Auto-Latching Medical Connectors

When it comes to medical connectors, various issues arise when there is an accidental disconnection. Those issues can range from the relatively benign, such as temporary distractions, to potentially severe, such as creating risks for the patient. Furthermore, accidental disconnects might damage equipment which may lead to delays during an ongoing procedure. One successful solution to this issue has been the creation of advanced auto-latching connectors.

One of the leading benefits of auto-coupling connectors is their intuitive self-locking mechanisms which ensure ease of use and secure connections. Many standard connectors utilize a screw thread or bayonet locking system, requiring users to manually secure the connectors. In contrast, these advanced auto-latching connectors require no extra consideration(s). At Amphenol Alden Products, we offer many different types of auto-latching connectors for use in medical devices.

What Is Required of Medical Connectors?

Medical connectors are crucial when it comes to making sure that medical devices are functioning correctly and efficiently. While product-specific requirements vary based upon the end-use application, some needs are universally applicable. All medical connectors need to meet their individual specifications and performance criteria to ensure their usefulness in the medical field. They should be ergonomic, easy to orient, and provide some level of protection against incorrect mating. Additionally, the best types of medical connectors should be easy to clean and sterilize (when necessary) and assist the patient’s care team in improving patient outcomes.

How Do Auto-Latching Medical Connectors Work?

Auto-latching medical connectors come in two basic varieties: active-latch (which requires the user to actuate the latching mechanism) and passive-latch (which does not require the user to actuate a latching mechanism). Traditional passive-latch designs frequently follow the push-on/pull-off approach to connector mating and may employ features such as a friction-fit interface (as per our pulseOne cable assemblies) or magnetics to provide the customer’s desired connector retention force. Active-latch connectors are available in many different designs including push-on / pull-off (as per our Medi | Mate & medi|stac connectors) and push-on / twist-and-pull designs (as per our innovative Pulse-Lok connectors).

With Pulse-Lok®, the coupling nut must be turned ¼ inch to disengage the latch mechanism, which allows the connectors to pull apart. Because the coupling nut requires a twist-to-remove approach, it provides a layer of security to prevent accidental disconnects from tugs on the cable. At Amphenol Alden Products, we are experts at designing and manufacturing cable assemblies using all types of auto-latching connectors. While all connector options present different benefits, Pulse-Lok is a great choice for most medical applications.

Why Pulse-Lok®️ Medical Connectors Make Sense for your Application
While there are many types of auto-locking connectors, Pulse-Lok®️ connectors offer many benefits, including:

  • Security. You can rest assured you have an established connection thanks to Pulse-Lok®’s visual, audible, and tactile confirmation that the connector is securely mated. The Pulse-Lok®’s connectors latch mechanism offers superior retention and the ability to resist large unintended disengagement forces, such as accidental tugs or pulls.

  • Durability. When it comes to medical connectors, a key consideration is its design for longevity. Pulse-Lok® connectors are rated to 5000 mating cycles, ensuring that this connector will continue to perform over your device’s lifespan.
  • Customization. The Pulse-Lok® standard medical connector offers easy modification, meaning that if one of our off-the-shelf configurations isn’t suited for a customers’ needs, we can design a slightly modified version. Available in several standard colors and keying options for applications requiring multiple connectors, Pulse-Lok can be further customized to create an interconnect solution unique to your organization.

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