Custom Cable Assemblies: The Medical Connector Solution You Need

Medical original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are constantly facing new and innovative ways to diagnose, monitor, and treat illnesses. While they’re focused on improving patient care, interconnects can sometimes be an afterthought. Frequently, these OEMs need help solving these problems related to interconnects for their systems. It’s a common issue in the industry that we’re well-prepared to meet.

As experts in the field, Amphenol Alden is aware that not all companies can get by using off-the-shelf components. For some, custom cable assemblies are required to solve unique challenges to the OEM’s system.

Our team of connector experts is devoted to this kind of work. The cable assemblies we develop are known for being reliable and appropriately robust. We design custom solutions in whatever configuration is needed and create an entirely new solution to meet your product’s unique specifications.

Why Choose Amphenol Alden For Your Custom Solution?

You’ve been searching for a specific type of cable assembly, and so far, no company seems to be able to carry or develop what you’re looking for. That is, until now. The team of professionals at Amphenol Alden can create what you need for all cable assemblies and connectors for any medical application. We’re versatile, experienced, and welcome a challenge.

It’s our goal to work on custom solutions to our customers’ problems. In fact, we prefer to customize a solution even if it’s based on a standard product or starting from scratch and working from the ground up, as this often yields the best results for customers.

We have the know-how and experience to set you up with one-of-a-kind cable assembly solutions that work reliably every time, from surgical cable assemblies and medical connectors to medical cable assemblies and custom cable assemblies. That’s the commitment our collaborative engineering professionals make to your team.

Developing Custom Solutions with Amphenol Alden

When it’s time for a new design, we invite you to come to us with a description of the interconnect challenges you are facing. We carefully consider the needs of your product and provide a well-designed solution tailored to your product’s specific application.

Behaving as an extension of your design team, we begin with face-to-face meetings (or video conferences, as needed) where our team asks many questions and gains a deeper understanding of your design requirements. When the design is settled, we begin the development process. This happens in coordination with your team. Finally, we test out the new design to prove it out. Only then can we move to volume production and validate that we can make the same product that works the same every time.

The medical connectors we develop are intuitive and designed ergonomically for ease of use. They result in secure connections, frequently leveraging the auto-latching technology from our patented Pulse-Lok® connectors. Our gold-plated contacts, available with solder, crimp, or pc-tail terminations, ensure reliable data transmission at low or high speeds. When many connectors and cable assemblies are used on a single device, we provide options to color-code and key them to ensure only proper connections are made, which in turn helps ensure patient safety.

Let’s Get Started on Your New, Customized Cable Assemblies Today

With 40 years of experience in the industry and a reputation for creative problem-solving, we’re the preferred partner for organizations in need of cable assemblies. Whether reusable or disposable, we can create the cable assemblies and connectors you need for your application.

Contact Amphenol Alden today to learn more about our capabilities for custom cable assemblies or consult with an expert!