Why You Want ESD-Safe Connectors for Your Medical Devices

Safety for the patient, caregiver, and equipment is a core concern within the field of medical devices. One aspect of addressing this concern is choosing a connector system that provides electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. Although a connector is physically small, its value in the medical field is large. Let’s take a closer look at ESD-safe connectors and why you should incorporate them in your medical devices.

What Is an ESD-Safe connector?

ESD is the sudden release of electricity built upon objects and people due to the electromagnetic forces in our everyday environment. In a medical setting, uncontrolled release of this energy can have significant consequences on equipment and, more importantly, patients and caregivers. ESD into a device could harm/short-circuit the device making it inoperable; ESD into a patient could present risks, ranging from minor to significant, to their wellbeing. Thankfully the medical industry is well aware of the potential risk associated with ESD and included general product performance requirements to mitigate this concern in IEC 60601-1-2 “Medical electrical equipment Part 1-2”. This standard includes specific sections with performance targets that provide some level of assurance that electrostatic charge will not release into a patient or equipment. Connectors that are designed to meet these requirements are considered ESD-safe products.

What Are ESD-Safe Medical Connectors Used For?

All connectors need to meet individual specifications and performance requirements to ensure their success in the field. Medical connectors are electrical connectors specifically designed to enable the repeated connection and disconnection of medical devices from medical equipment, which is required for the proper functionality of the medical system. ESD-safe medical connectors are designed to ensure that, in addition to helping provide safe and efficient care, they also ensure static electricity will not discharge through the connectors and cable assemblies while they are in use. ESD-safe connectors are utilized on the medical equipment in various applications that support first-response through full recovery.

At Amphenol Alden Products, our standard connector and cable assembly products are designed with ESD safety in mind. Finding the right Amphenol connectors is critical in providing the highest standard of care for your patients. Amphenol Alden offers exceptional quality across a broad spectrum of services and products, including medical connector assemblies such as high-density, fine-gauge wire, sterilization-compatible, and hybrid cable assemblies.

Finding the Right Alden connector

Configuring the right connector from Amphenol Alden Products is crucial for ensuring that your device will work correctly. If questions arise, our connector experts are always available to help guide you in choosing the right standard product for your application or, when necessary, helping develop a custom solution for your interconnect challenges. Our standard products include connectors such as our Pulse-Lok and medi|mate lines, cable assemblies from our high-voltage and pulseOne lines, with new additions coming soon.

Custom Cable Assemblies from Amphenol Alden

At Amphenol Alden, our ability to provide custom cable assemblies ensures you have the right interconnects for your medical devices. Our team of experienced engineers understands the most nuanced interconnectivity needs for many medical applications. We know which materials provide the best value for your specific demands and, with our extensive in-house testing, you can rest assured that you are receiving exactly what you need.

With over 90 years of experience, Amphenol Alden is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Connect with us today to learn more.